Botanical Garden for a starter. How exciting is that?

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First, I want to thank you for taking the time to have a look at my blog. If you love to travel and you think Europe is cool, well you'll find some little crumbs of it here. If you would like to travel and live there but you haven't got the means to, click on the link below. It's good news

No idea what to share with you guys. What to tell you? Who cares? I only follow Muzettte at the moment. She's my friend. She finds loads of things to talk about on her blog. I don't. But since everybody is at it, at blogging, I will bore you to death with my opinions about skincare, supermarkets, teachers, kids, botanical gardens and so on. hurah! Found a thing to copmlain about. I recently been at the Botanical garden in Madrid. I had time to do one of this two. Prado Museum or Botanical Graden. It was a sunny but breezy day, perfect for being out and about so I chose the Botanical Graden. What a waist of time! It was nicely kept, clean and had some flowers and some plants. But not spectacular enough. I have more flowers and nicer flowers in the suburb of Madrid where I live. My mother in law and my daughter got bored really fast, but I told them they have no right to complain. They didn't need to pay the entry ticket. I did. However, I'll now try and share with you, rest of the world some of the photos I taken on the day. I hope it works and I hope you wont get as bored as I did.

Tis is a bottlebrush tree. It's flowers looked exactly like bottlebrushes. That was intresting.

Cactus in bloom. Huuray, Something rare to photograph. 

That's it for today people, Tomorrow, I'll tell you all I know about Retiro Park. If I remember. Or maybe the zoo de Madrid. Got some nice pics of that. 
Hasta pronto!