The zoo of Madrid

Well, we have been to the zoo. The entry price is not small, but it's worth every penny. To guide you through the whole zoo, trying not to omit any important bit, photos are the best: 
Right after the entrance, you'll find dinosauroses, looking very real and doing all sorth of tricks. It almost fooled my 5 years old daughter 

The baby ones were particularily cute.

Yummy fish

I wish I've taken more phtos of the cute penguins

What a pair

Sunny day at the zoo, many animals, were a little bit bored resting in the shade

238038_Welcome to South Beach Miami

I always loved black swans. Too bad that this one didn't like to pose prettily for me

"Hey, I'm having a bath...a little privacy please"

The mummy elephant didn't fit in the picture. 

The great cats were doing what cats do best!

Follow me, I am going to display my feathers soon...

In front of the girafe, there are professional photographers. People can enter in the "very close to the giraffe area" feed her fresh bread and have their photograph taken at the same time.

Just taking a walk... to see who's going to remark me...:) admirer!

At the entry, you get a program. The do different shows at different times, so if one gets well organized, gets to see them all. They have a Birds of pray show, (where you can hold the birds and have your profesioal photo taken), a dolphin show (highly recomended) and a very funny seal show. 
Here's some highlights of the Dolphin Show: 
"I like to nibble human fingers, I like to nibble human fingers!"

 Not much going on in the reptile's house

Guess what's this!

273911_Duplicate of iMemories - 234x60 
 Heh, You guessed it. I told you that I'm going to display my magnificent pheasant feathers

Me!!,!, Only me! I'm cute! I'm photogenic! I like to be on Nipnos's blog!! I'll be famous! Look at me! 

That's all folks from the Madrid Zoo. Later we found the cangoroos, the bears, some more mokeys, and much more. Unfortunately the battery on my camera was empty you'll have to trust me when I say that it was a great, instructive day out. 

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