The Buen Retiro Park -Central Madrid

The Buen Retiro Park is a large and popular  park at the edge of the city center of Madrid. It's a magnificent park, filled with amazing sculptures and monuments, galleries, and a large and peaceful in front of the Crystal Palace, lovely walk around it. Although the park is entirely surrounded by the noisy, big traffic, crouded city, it is very quiet and relaxing. I've been there on a spring day with my daughter. She enjoyed the long walks with me, but even more she enjoyed playing in each of the many playgrounds that we came across. 

The Crystal Palace is a magnificent cathedral-ish building made of glass and steel and covered with crystal. It was built in1887 in order to accommodate plants from the Philippines.  Unfortunately it was closed for renovation on the day we've been there so I'll soon revisit it and update this with insider's photos.. However, on the stairs we found this elegant black swan posing for us and working hard at keeping himself tidy 

The lake is surrounded by grass. See below some of the wonderful creatures nesting in the area.

Part of this beautiful tree and it's roots are growing under the water. This is called swamp cypress ( Taxodium distichum) and there are quite a few to be seen in the lake. 

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I just loved this trees. I should hae taken more photos of them 
High angle view of a garden, Parque Del Buen Retiro, Large canvas Photo Art available here.

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