What was inside the Crystal Palace

This is the precious good looking Crystal Palace, Buen Retiro Park, Madrid. It has a nice lake with a magnificent fountain in front of it. Read on to find out what was inside it. Or just click on the image below if you would like to buy this large Canvas print.

It was a modern art gallery. Simple and interesting. 
Between piles of broken crystal, we found simple pieces of art with attitude. 

Few steps away from the Crystal Palace is the The Velasquez Palace. We poped in to discover some interesting pieces of modern art that particularly involved my 7 years old son, who took some of the photos below. 

I loved this display of bottles and cork screws.

Different perspective

Here's my very involved 7 years old, approaching art from his point of view

And this is what he saw from down there

My perspective

From here, I've got a strong urge to go and rummage through the rubbish  tip now and  find some free art .

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